Your financial and IT future.
Our expertise.

First Equity was established in 2014 as an boutique accounting and taxation advisory business for high net worth individuals and private businesses.

Today, First Equity offers a range of other services including Audit and Assurances, Forensic accounting, corporate advisory and IT Managed Services Advisory.

First Equity team enjoys overcoming the unique challenges each client encounters, and celebrating their successes. Guided by our values, we strive to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and deliver them the most we can.

Your financial future.
Our expertise.
Our expertise

Our expertise

Tax Strategies

We specialise in creating personalised tax strategies to optimise financial outcomes. Our approach focuses on efficiency, minimising liabilities, and ensuring your financial goals align seamlessly with strategic tax management.

Corporate Advisory

A comprehensive suite of advisory solutions including business planning, financial analysis and business transformation. Our approach is to provide management a focused pathway to business optimisation.

Financial Planning

We provide expert assistance in financial planning, offering tailored strategies to align with your unique goals and aspirations.

Managed IT

We specialising on streamlining the IT ecosystem of any business. Our solutions and support, keep the business online and running.

Why First Equity?

Not only do we help you see the big picture, we’re focused on the finer details. And we’ll help you put all the steps in place you need to achieve your financial and IT ecosystem potential.

Why First Equity?

Our specialised team

At First Equity, we believe our people are our greatest asset. We invest in top quality staff to ensure we can deliver the value that our clients deserve. It is through the broad range of experience our staff has, and the regular training they complete that they can deliver the best service to our clients.